Funny Ways To Breakup With Your Spouse

The following below are the funniest ways to breakup with your Boy/Girlfriend…

“16 missed calls?! You killed my battery so you’re capable of killing me… It’s over!!!”

“How come mosquito is biting me and not biting you? I smell conspiracy. IT’S OVER!”

“You don’t even respect me, I’m talking and you are busy breathing? It’s over!”

“So now you’re drinking coke that has another man’s name on it, better go and find him because it’s over between us.”

“So Beyonce’s “Drunk in love” is your caller tune? I can’t trust alcoholics with my future kids.”

“They are shouting bird flu, you are still cooking chicken. You want to kill me? It is over!”

“I called you and you picked up immediately. You lack patience. I can’t date someone who’s not patient.”

“Why are you using broom to sweep my room when you know I support PDP? It’s over!”

“You are always abbreviating your texts, you want our children to be short abi? It’s OVER!”

“I told you I love my food hot but you refused to warm the ice cream. You don’t care about me. It’s over!”

“You don’t pay your tithe, if you can cheat on God, then who am I? Park your things.”

You can add more below to continue the fun…



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