Nollywood Stars Caught Having s*x – X-Rated Photo Of Actors Muna Obiekwe and Biola Ige (18+)

An X-rated picture showing two well-known Nollywood stars has leaked the web.


Actor Muna Obiekwe is really enjoying the chest of an actress, Biola Ige. At this time, it is not known if the photo is a snapshot from a new movie, or a photo-shopped image. However, several indications prove that it is actually a movie. For instance, Muna Obiekwe has been previously chosen by producers to act in a number of adult videos.

On the other hand, in her recent interview Biola Ige said she was not interested in serious relationship with men, as she had realized that most of them simply wanted to have s*x with her and move on.

See the image below. Warning: Viewer discretion is advised, 18+ ONLY:

source: Information Nigeria


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