Crisis At Futa: Man’O war Vs Students Saga.

It all started when Lil kesh was about to leave the witness made it known that some guys tried to extort Lil kesh and was able to snatch his chain which got Lil kesh angry which almost led to the ultimate fight after the an 100 level Man’o war caught a guy and beat him blue black .Students were angry at this singular accidents and started throwing stones and anything they could see.You know Akindeko boys no dey carry last.They showed the Man’owar that Street will remain the street.

It took the intervention of the dean of students affairs Dr Alese to calm the situation.The students were clamoring for the eradication of Man’O war.

After talking  to so many students we were able to gather that students have been angry about the practice and discharge of their duties.

Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed to be taken due to the presence of the dean.

You decide who won the fight.??


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