MerrybetPredict…Making Millionaires

Merrybet made the year 2014 very rewarding for sports betting players across the country, with the launch of the most innovative game, the ‘Predict & Win’ promo.

At the launch of this promo in May 2014, the bookmaking giant stated that the aim was to create awareness on the benefits of sports betting and enrich the lives of Nigeris. Indeed this promise was fulfilled in 2014.

11 Nigerians became millionaires in 2014 as 3 people won N4,000,000 each, one person won N2,000,000  and 6 people won N1,000,000 each,  while 8 individuals  got N500,000 each.

Taking it further in 2015, the much anticipated Leadersboardhas been kicked off and players can accumulate points till the end of the EPL season. Each week the highest points will be added to the Leadersboard with the top three getting N5,000,000, N3,000,000 and N2,000,000  respectively while the 4th to 13th gets N500,000 each at the end of the season.

Who says you have to work 8-5 to become a Millionaire…..

Sign up and start playing for free.

You could be the next Millionaire!!!




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